As Healthy As I Will Ever Be

I am as young as I will ever be… Actually As Healthy As I Will Ever Be.

I have a chronic illness that will never go away, EVER!

I have MS, I have Crohn’s, I have Fibro, I have Diabetes, I have a Cancer,

I have Lupus, I have Chronic Pain and I have many, many more. (Speaking for friends too)

These things I talk about, all the time, HOW CAN I Not??? I SOOO Wish I Didn’t Have To!!! (Awareness)!

But do they make me??? I don’t think so!!! (I have a chronic illness, but it does not have me!!!)

So what if I have a chronic condition, I may faulter sometimes and ask for some help as well, this makes me human!

See I am not the super human I portray myself to be.

But I Am, I Am What I Choose and not what this disease says I am. I will not let chronic illness beat me or define me…

I am way tougher than me!!! Join me in the fight, spread the word about whatever illness you or someone know has received…


I am Josh Robinson, Son, Brother, Husband, Daddy, Friend and Coach!!!  I hope to inspire a few, just a few, because all we can do is inspire,,, just a few!!!


3 responses to “As Healthy As I Will Ever Be

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