This is just a little note talking/explaining one of many emotions myself and many of the folks in the I.B.D. community feel. It’s very hard to have a disease that was caused by a defect in a persons genetic make up, a disease we did nothing to get except for being alive, a disease for which there is no cure or explanation, a disease where frequently when you ask your doctor a question they reply with a “I don’t know”.

Yes I am angry, in fact I’m mad as hell. Why am I angry, well because of all the stuff
that happens to myself and my friends that have Inflammatory Bowel Disease.What does it do, well first of all I.B.D. is a very painful disease, very painful. There are days that I am so sick and in so much pain that it is a major accomplishment just getting out of bed and dressing ones self. If you make it to work while you are pain you are generally miserable.

I am angry because of the many gross and disgusting things that have happened to me such as soiling myself, or having to stop along the road to prevent soiling myself. The nausea and puking are just miserable, nausea is a new symptom for me. Then there are the fistulas… A fistula is extremely painful and terribly gross. What they are or in my case,is an abnormal tube that begins in the rectum and comes out elsewhere in the crotch. A fistula drains fecal matter and puss 24 hours a day year round.

Angry yeppers, I am angry because this disease p aces so many limitations on my life and the lives of my friends with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis. Limitations caused by uncertainty that I can find a loo quickly enough in public, limitations caused by severe joint pain. Joint pain that greatly impairs things I want to do such as playing my guitar or work my garden.

I’m bitter that I cannot have ice cream, angry that I can’t have salad, frustrated that I can’t eat popcorn or any corn products period. It’s tough to be woke up several times a night with need to go to the toilet or with leg cramps so severe the only way to calm them is to sit in a tub of very hot water. It’s very upsetting when someone say things like”But you don’t look sick” “I wish I could loose weight and eat what I want” “I think it’s all in your head”, “I understand I had the stomach flu/IBS once” BTW IBS is nothing like I.B.D, IBS does not cause permanent damage.

Yes this is a complain session because I’m angry.

I don’t like the road Crohn’s disease has put me on, it has unleashed the world of auto immune on me and that makes me angry.Since becoming ill with Crohn’s I’ve contracted several other auto immune diseases. I have Crohn’s related RA, enteropathic arthritis,eye problems and most recently Ankylosing Spondylitis. I really hate what Inflammatory Bowel Disease has done and the pain it cause my friends that have it. It is not a fair disease I/we did not ask for it and did nothing to deserve it, so yes I am angry

Josh Robinson
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