Sometimes the “little things” are what hurts.

2 years ago today April 4th 2014 I was released from Fairmont General Hospital after a week and a half long stay. I had been in Fairmont general hospital because I have been eating strawberries in a lead up to the hospital visit just an innocent little strawberry so it was. A week and a half before I was in the hospital I was very sick I had to come home from work a little early I could not go to my son’s basketball game and my older children had to take me to the emergency room at Grafton City Hospital. At GCH it was determined that I had three perforations in my colon, free air which means the contents of my colon was leaking into the abdominal cavity, and I had Sepsis. I was transported to Fairmont General Hospital due to the fact that my Gastroenterologist, Doc Ciarolla (Doc C) worked there. After Doc C and Dr. Frank scared the heck out of me by saying I would need surgery and possibly an ostomy, then decided to try to treat me with total bowel rest and aggressive antibiotic treatment, it worked. I never gave up faith or hope that these doctors would take care of me, and that they knew what they were doing I’ve trusted Dr. Ciarolla with my life several times he is a good doctor. So my point is I have learned that’s some very very innocent things can be very dangerous for certain people with certain conditions. Two years after the fact of perforated bowel and Sepsis I’m here to say that I have survived, and I am a survivor. Everyone else can be as well if they just pay attention to what they’re doing, notice your symptoms, pains, and signs that you may be see every day, and paying attention to every sign and symptom is very important to take note of. Nothing is too small 2 years ago today I ate a strawberry.