As Healthy As I Will Ever Be

As Healthy As I Will Ever Be Posted by jrobinjrob on December 14, 2013 I am as young as I will ever be… Actually As Healthy As I Will Ever Be.I have a chronic illness that will never go away, EVER! I have MS, I have Crohn’s, I have Fibro, I have Diabetes, I have a Cancer, I have Lupus, I have Chronic Pain and I have many, many more. (Speaking for friends too) These things I talk about, all the time, HOW CAN I Not??? I SOOO Wish I Didn’t Have To!!! (Awareness)!But do they make me??? I don’t think so!!! (I have a chronic illness, but it does not have me!!!)So what if I have a chronic condition, I may faultier sometimes and ask for some help as well, this makes me human!See I am not the super human I portray myself to be.But I Am, I Am What I Choose and not what this disease says I am. I will not let chronic illness beat me or define me…I am way tougher than me!!! Join me in the fight, spread the word about whatever illness you or someone know has received… I am Josh Robinson, Son, Brother, Husband, Daddy, Friend and Coach!!!  I hope to inspire a few, just a few, because all we can do is inspire,,, just a few!!! A musician friend inspired this, he knows who he is, and no I do not have all of these diseases… This is a repost, re-blog whatever you want to call it

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