People diagnosed with chronic illness, depression can be a common complication. The life altering event of chronic illness which cause us to face a much different “new normal” can be devastating due to uncertainty and rapidly changing circumstance. I can be all consuming worrying that ones life can completely flip in a matter on moments, I know it has happened to me several times. A year ago I went to work and was okay, ended my day in hospital being told things could go very bad for me very quickly because of Sepsis. Sepsis if caught soon is terrible but fixable, if caught late you are prone to septic shock, which your vital organs shut down one by one, a very horrible last hours eventually going into a coma then death. I think this is very much enough on a mind to cause depression and PTSD. I know many with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lupus, MS, Fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis and more, these people a scared out of their minds most of the time, their new since of normal is something the average person cannot imagine. Are people diagnosed with chronic illness scared, yep, do they have PTSD, many do yes, are they depressed, yes 100%. When you the normal, meet someone with a new normal, don’t judge, until you know what you are talking about, don’t suggest, until you are educated, know that this person is very confused and very scared, they do not understand why this has happened to them, a very viable person reduced to sickness and much pain. Am I depressed, you bet, Am I scared, every minute and there are many like me, so be kind..

Joshua E. Robinson


In Your Darkest Moment Always Remember There is Still Hope!!! 🙂


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