Thursday March 27, 2014

Thursday March 27, 2014, one year ago today.

My son Steve and daughter Kaitlyn had come over to hospital to see me, when Doc popped inmy room. Doctor Ciarolla looked at me and said, “ What the hell, I scoped you less than a month ago, things were looking good.” I told him I know. Doc then proceeded to ask if I understood that I would likely need a bowel resection and would come out of surgery with a temporary ostomy if not a permanent one. Doctor Frank came in, he and Doc explained the procedure that would be done. Doctor Franks left the room. Doc C then looked at very hard and ask “Do you understand how serious this is?” I said yes. He said, “No really do you understand how serious this is?” I started to cry, which make Steve and Kaity upset, I told Doc yes again and added I could go sepsis and die. He said yes you could I told him please don’t let that happen. He looked at me again and said “deal”.

About an hour went by and Doc C was back, to tell me they were going to try something else. I was put on complete bowel rest since my perforations were micro, to give the a chance to heal on their own avoiding surgery. The only thing I got by mouth was blood pressure meds. I received flagyl and ciproflaxn in major doses IV form to hopefully keep me from going full blown sepsis, I also received Dilaudid every two hours for the first couple days, after that every four hours. I was still scared, but relieved, and one year later I am still here and it worked. I have not eaten a strawberry since and never will again.


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