Stress Related Flare

All people get stress and it affects them, all in different ways. Someone with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (i.e.; ulcerative colitis,

Crohn’s disease) it can be devastating and have horrifying consequences. We “Chronic Babies” try to avoid it like the plague, it can make use very, very physically sick.

For over a month I have been trying to get my script filled for Humira, I keep getting denied. My GI, Doc Cirolla, wrote me a script last month, and his office sent it in. He and his IBD nurse Michelle then explained that Doc is changing hospitals and is Doc C is taking the month of July off, but staff would be there. Sooo when I would talk to Accredo they would “oh yes you are good”! When I would talk to WVPEIA They would also say all is good, “Mr Robinson, there is no problem, you have eleven refills…. Well on July ninth my wife, Eva could see I was at the breaking point so she took over. She made all the same calls and even to my Abbvie nurse advocate, it all went smoother than silk. Awesome!!! It would be here Friday, July 18, 2014.

Today at work I got an e-mail, Friday, July 18, 2014, about 11:30am “Your prescription order cannot be processed at this time.”I went into a tail spin. First I got very angry, threw my note pad, then my glasses, stomped around cussing probably looking like an idiot to my co-workers Rob and Tim. Now they are very good friends and Rob has know me a long time,

neither have saw me like this, oh yes they let rant, rave and tell all about IBD bet,,, they have near saw this. The Josh Robinson

meltdown going to go into a massive “StReSs fLaRe” to late, I was over the brink.

I sure anyone that reads this knows what Humira is, but… Humira is a biologic drug made by Abbvie. It is used to treat Auto

Immune disease that cause horrible inflammation such as, IBD, AR, AS, and others etc. Anyhow it is pretty potent stuff, and it we because we are on the sickest end of the sick. So freak a little bit when we miss a dose, well this weekend, Saturday will mean that I have missed three doses.

Melt down in action… Anger, frustration, major head ache…. About this time Tim leaves the office to go get our lunch and about a half hour later when he returns I am full blown Crohn’s flare up. I have the chills, am sweating profusely, my hair hurts and my belly is rumbling and screaming. Eva, my lovely wife calls to tell me they were going to the ocean since it was their last day at the beach,

I remain calm while she talks. After she is finished telling all they are going to do, I told her what had happened and all about it, to which she says I need to get on the phone and try to figure it out. While talking to her I had to leave my spot because I was so upset, and just glad to her voice so I was crying. After a couple minutes I got a text from her saying she would handle it.

I text my wife all the info, however by this time I was flaring, in and out of the loo about 20 times in the hours of between 1:00pm and 2:15. Still feeling horrible I joke to Rob that I was ready for my scope because I am running clear, and was… hahaha… Thought was done with the really bad, bad stuff, Nausea hit and hit hard. I hated for my friend to have to listen to me barf over and over. This dang disease is so very embarrassing. The puking was sudden as it always is, and very violent, as it always is. I took several doses of phenegren, and finally it stopped. I felt horrible and Rob told me go home, to which I said no, I can this disease is part of my life and I had to move on.

About 3:40 we started doing end of day stuff, when Eva called. She explained everyone except the insurance company received my script and any practicing Doc can write the script. So Monday I will call my primary and see if they will send a script to the insurance company. So I don’t think this was a helpful blog, maybe more of a gripe. I do not know how to avoid unforeseen major stress, and it has only happened a few times since I have been a “Chronic Baby”, every time it does this happens to me.

Please any suggestions on how to deal.

Joshua E. Robinson


In Your Darkest Moment Always Remember There is Still Hope!!! 🙂


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