03/25/2014 The beginning of Bad

Sorry, this is my latest ordeal with my disease, Crohn’s. This post is, I’m trying to make an account, not a story and it will be several blog post long. I want to raise awareness for my disease. What just happened to me can strike very quickly… I had an upper and lower scope done on March 6 showing I am pretty good, so let’s see now!!!



  The past week slowly starting on March 25, net things going full throttle on Wednesday March 26, 2014. Tuesday started very uneventful, “Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head”, I couldn’t resist, sorry. My morning drive to work was uneventful as was opening the store and getting things ready for business. The day started with the normal early crowed of builders, contractors, and masons, we do quit a bit of our walk in business in the first three to five hours. Roughly 11:00AM Tim and I both decide to eat, we can’t do that so I said I would wait, not a problem. Tim went to Subway and grabbed a sandwich, came back and ate. As soon as he came back I ate mine which was a hamburger patty with cooked onion, A-1 sauce, good quality instant mashed potato and brown instant gravy. It was good.

  Mid afternoon I began getting familiar rumbles, just the normal stuff for a person with IBD. I tell people it’s my Crohn’s telling to be within three to five minutes from the loo or it’s telling me to pull my emergence supply bag close so when I stop I can dive the guard rail quickly. Well after a bit my rumbles had gone nuclear and were embarrassing with because they were so loud, each sever rumble caused pain. Finally I quickly had to get in the restroom because of nausea, then vomit. I made it back to my desk and sat there to rest a few. Then what I had been expecting was coming quickly. The restroom is about four feet from my desk and the toilet about another six feet, I barely made it. Now as someone with IBD I’ve only had a few bowel movements this violent and painful. The product was dark green and black liquid with an oil slick and mucus the smell was horrid. Tim thanked me for sticking the whole building up, and I did, fact. When it was over though it was over, nothing more, so once I calmed down I figured it was nothing other than something I ate. The drive home and evening was uneventful with the exception I was very tired.


  Tuesday, 03/26/2014

  Alarm clock went off at 5:15, as usual Eva had to nearly beat me to wake me up and get me moving, tired as usual. Insomnia is a relatively new development with my CD, about two years, even taking my doctor prescribed sleeping pill and anxiety med it takes me a very long time to go to sleep (this is a story for another day). Up, got ready for work, the roads were very slick in many places, they were so bad even I slow as I drive I slid sideways in a couple places. Got to Central Supply Co about 7:20AM, Tim and I got things turned on and opened for business. Roughly 8:45 I ate a small bowel of Cream of Wheat as we were very slow because of the bad weather. I was spending the morning on the phone with other locations and the inventory department trying to round up materials for our yard or customers requesting items not at my location.


  Rumbles but not as bad as the ones on Tuesday, still pretty loud and painful, off to the loo at a regular pace of quick but not a dead run. BM was lumpy green with black liquid containing mucus and an oil slick. Afterwards I went back to my spot and began working again but while doing so I was breaking out in a heavy sweat and getting supper nauseated. Somewhere between 9:40AM and 9:50AM and ran to the restroom barely making it I put my facedown next to the toilet. Suddenly I had a pain I would describe as a sledge hammer hitting me in the groin that hurt so bad I had to curl in the fetal position right there in front of the commode. After a few minutes laying the trembling from pain and feeling like I would see my toe nails puke out of my mouth it settled down, I laid there a few more minutes feeling confident I was okay. As I was standing up I had the most painfully violent intestinal spasm I have ever felt, nothing ever before hurt this badly, it was coming like a magma flow down a volcano and could barely get my tweeds down turned around and seated. If it had come slightly harder out of me the toilet would have flushed. As all of that was happening, the sledge hammer pain hit me in the groin again so bad I had to double into a ball while sitting there. While things were slowing the groin pain kept getting worse, it was bad, much worse than bad. Again the BM was the same in appearance as above but it smelled rotten absolutely rotten, rotten enough I could hear the guys grumbling outside the little room.


  Around 10:00 or So


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