Things the Elderly and Crohnies Have in Common (Sorry in advance to the elderly.)

This is great and so true.

Tree and Leaf: Honesty. Health. Humor.

Last night my mental self and my physical self had an argument over going to the gym. As usual, my brain said to go and my body said “orrrrrrrr you could lay on the floor wrapped in a blanket in front of the heat vent.” (I thought I would grow out of loving to do that someday? Nope.) Now OBVY it isn’t that big of a deal to skip one day at the gym, especially if you aren’t feeling well, but the trouble with me is that if I let floor-laying win the battle, I don’t go back to the gym for a week or more because I am all butt-hurt at myself. Basically, I am super immature.

So anyway, I finally got my butt to the gym a little before 10pm. [Gross.] First I got on the treadmill and I immediately started having horrible belly pain (which is a…

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