Homemade Yogurt

How I Make Homemade Yogurt

Josh Robinson 02/14/2014

1.) Bring 2quarts of milk, (whole, raw, 2%, 1%, goat, whatever just so it is animal milk) in a large sauce pan to the temperature of 185 degrees, being careful not to scorch.

2.) Remove from heat and let cool to approximately 110 degrees.

3.) I use an electric 2 quart yogurt maker. Although you can use a large plastic bowl placed in the oven with the light on.

4.) Put 1 cup of non flavored commercial yogurt, I use Greek, in the yogurt maker or bowel, mix 2 cups of cooled milk in with the yogurt and mix.

5.) Mix in the remaining milk with the mixture and mix well.

6.) Plug in the make or place the covered bowl in the oven with the light on.

7.) After 24 hours place internal bowl of yogurt maker or your bowl in the refrigerator wait 6 hours and enjoy.

SCD Yogurt and very IBD / Autism / Celiac Safe


my life is a work-in-progress….i’m perfectly content with that~


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