Homemade Buttermilk

Homemade Buttermilk

· 1/2 cup cultured buttermilk (from the store or home cultured)

· 1 to 2 quarts skim,1%, 2%, or whole milk from the store or raw milk

· 1 clean, dry quart with a tight fitting two piece lid.

So easy if you blink you’ll miss how to do it.

Pour buttermilk ½ cup into your clean jar. Top off the jar with your plain milk.

Tightly screw lid to the jar and shake for 1 minute.

Place in a warm (but not hot) area out of direct sunlight, I use my kitchen counter.

Let it sit there for 24 hours, until thickened, all the lactose should be gone by then.

Refrigerate when thick. Use within two weeks.

If you re-culture this regularly, you can carry on re-culturing indefinitely.

I always feel like I’m beating the system when I do homemade stuff like this and who doesn’t love beating the system?


~my life is a work-in-progress….i’m perfectly content with that~


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