Five Years Ago

 Image  Five years ago today about right now,(7:30AM) I was being wheeled into Grafton City Hospital’s ER where I endured some of the most painful test anyone could take. A Doc, Peter Wentzel that works with Carla Scharf, said he thought he knew what was wrong with me. Dr. Chris Villaraza immediately started me on fluids telling Eva it was good I came, I would have been dead by the next day from dehydration.
   For the next nine days I received much pain meds, many bags of fluid and was allowed a1/2 of a cup of ice chips per day just to keep my mouth wet. On the tenth day I had my first of many colonoscopy’s after which Eva was told I had diverticulitis and Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis Doc David Bender was my care taker while in the hospital and he knew exactly what to do once we had diagnoses. The Docs and all the staff at GCH did a wonderful job. Thanks to these people and my very large care team of now I am still here.


2 responses to “Five Years Ago

  1. Is it appropriate to wish you a happy 5 year diagnosis anniversary? Or is that a little morbid? I’m currently toying with the idea of whether or not I shall throw my very own 5 year Coli-anniversary in a few months time. How time flies hey?! Glad you are still with us 😀 Here’s hoping we will be closer to a cure in the next 5 years x
    With love Xx

    • I think it is very appropriate. I very much dislike Crohn’s disease but it has a flip side as well. My illness has opened a world new awesome people and it has given me the ability to help hundreds of folks whether they have CD UC MS Fibro. All these have common threads. So yes very appropriate. Thank You

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