Inspire, by Valerie Harper

I try to inspire, influence, and give meaning or hope. This evening as I am watching Nightly News I see a story on Valerie Harper, Valerie has incurable cancer and was told she has months or maybe weeks to live. So I am inspired… At the end of this persons life she refuses to quit… Valerie is on the up coming season of Dancing With The Stars, and she is doing it to inspire folks that have incurable illnesses that their life is not over just because of that fact, they have incurable illness and some may be dying. She is doing it to show that even sick, even at the end of your life you may and probably do have much to give, for what else is there but to inspire, influence and to give???? Valerie Harper has given, influenced and inspired me, I hope in a small way I can do that for you, even though I’m not dying, just by pushing on, not quitting, despite incurable and pain!!!!


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